Welcome to STEP

Laura Rice Dearborn STEP assessment director

Welcome to STEP!

At Dearborn Academy STEP assessment, we provide a welcoming, supportive learning environment at a time of crisis in a student's home school or their life or both. Districts formally refer students to STEP who have struggled to be successful due to social-emotional challenges, learning disabilities, suspension, refusing to attend school and hospital step-down. Students enter our small program often reeling from these situations. Here, while finding that school work continues, they can take a deep breath in a warm, caring environment.
We encourage students while we assess their strengths, abilities and interpersonal styles. In addition to academic work, students become part of a dynamic community designed to promote respect, trust and responsibility. STEP students become active participants in their academic and social development. They feel responsible for their success – often for the first time in their educational journey. We encourage our students to work individually with clinicians and within groups and classes to establish goals for themselves, offer feedback in classroom meetings, contribute ideas to the curriculum and support each other in working towards a better future. 
We are aware of both the privilege and responsibility of working with the young people in STEP. And we value the opportunity to collaborate with others who are invested in our students’ success.
Please let us know if we can be helpful to you or someone you know.
Laura Rice 
DIrector, STEP