A System of Built-In Supports

We know that academic success doesn’t come easily to everyone. That’s why at Dearborn Academy, we have created a comprehensive system of supports. 

  • Every student at Dearborn meets with a counselor at least once a week. Counselors develop therapeutic relationships with students and become advocates for their unique behavioral and academic needs. 
  • To improve their learning strategies and academic skills, students work one-on-one with staff from our Learning Center. Whether in reading, writing, or math, the Learning Center specialists do whatever’s necessary get students on track. 
  • Eleventh and twelfth grade students meet regularly with Career Services counselors. Career Services helps seniors complete the steps needed for successful vocational training, employment, and college applications and enrollment. 

At the core of our support programs is a simple idea:  support is more effective and students do better when they have the chance to develop one-on-one relationships with caring adults. One-on-one, we work to improve each student's self-esteem, address their unique learning issues, work with each student to develop a plan for the future. 

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