Math at Dearborn is all about learning many ways to solve problems and come up with answers—a great life Skill no matter how you look at it.

Math gives us an important way of understanding our world and is vital to every student’s future success. 

At Dearborn math classes prepare students to apply math skills in real life. We want our students to feel confident with math requirements in a job, conducting a science experiment, analyzing data, managing personal finances, creating a budget or running a household.

To help students achieve mastery, we introduce math ideas in hands-on ways to help abstract ideas become more concrete. We also weave mathematical thinking into assignments in other classes—science, shop and technology, for example. By keeping our classes small, were able to group students by ability and adjust the curriculum to be as responsive as possible to student needs—and still achieve important goals. 

Working It Out

We teach math four times a week in 45-minute periods. Students also have math homework three times a week. How you think about problems is sometimes more important than getting to the right answer, so we expect everyone to show their work. Explaining the steps taken to solve a problem will help a student and their teachers understand how they think and help them develop strong math skills.

What You'll Learn

Math at Dearborn covers a range of topics: number sense and operations, measurement, statistics, probability, geometry and algebra—all in line with State Educational Frameworks. All Dearborn students will meet the state standards by graduation—many will go further. Starting in the high school, students begin with pre-algebra and advance as far as algebra II, trigonometry and pre-calculus. We also offer math for business and include math challenges in science, technology, shop and other courses so they will learn how to apply their growing knowledge. When students are interested, were also happy to provide additional math challenges. 

Extra Help

Some students sail through math—others need to work a lot harder to be successful. Not everyone learns the same way. Our goal is for every student to graduate feeling confident in math and capable of applying their knowledge to everyday situations. Classroom teachers do an excellent job providing engaging lessons, but sometimes students need special assistance or one-on-one attention. Our learning center specialists are available to help you tackle challenging concepts, improve your test-taking skills and catch up after an absence.

For Dearborn Academy course descriptions, please download the course catalog.

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