Bobcats Basketball has won three championships in six years.

Body and Mind

As current research has demonstrated, health fitness and exercise are crucial to mood regulation, stress reduction, attention and learning.

Health and fitness opportunities at Dearborn Academy range from a regular health class where students learn important information about their emotional and mental health, to activities woven in to our gym program, to physical activities during recess and regular breaks.


High School students take a health class at least once weekly. This class provides education on the following topics:
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Physiological and psychological benefits of exercise
  • Health risks associated with substance abuse
  • The effects of stress on health and well being
  • Healthy social relationships
  • STDs and reproductive health 
During the fitness section of the course students engage in a variety of physical activities (stretching, jogging, calisthenics), often outdoors, and learn to monitor their progress. Students actively learn about a cardiovascular work out and different stress reduction techniques from breathing exercises to guided imagery and yoga.

Physical Education

All students take part in at least one 45-minute gym class per week. Activities include basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, kickball, soccer, football and softball. Ninth and tenth graders take a two-period gym class each week, which offers a variety of activities, including a hiking option, and a team sports option. 
In grades 11 and 12, students have one gym class each week that offers a variety of activities, including team sports and adventure-based activities. During two periods each week, students participate in individual fitness activities, including, walking, running, stretching and calisthenics. Students set goals and monitor and log their own progress.

Bobcats Basketball

Dearborns basketball team successfully competes against other alternative schools. Practice is in the mornings before breakfast, games are held during the school day. Usually there are also one or two middle school students who make the team. Home games are held at Fidelity House in Arlington Center.

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