Core Academics

Student working on a projectInstruction at Dearborn is hands-on and project based and offers students multple pathways for mastering the required material.

Dearborn Academys High School curriculum is designed to ensure that all our students receive a high quality education. While many students come to Dearborn with gaps in their learning or needing to re-take core courses, we help all students prepare to pass the required MCAS exams and graduate with a plan for the future.

Our core curriculum classes are characterized by hands-on and project-based learning. We do our best to relate content to real-life problems and to our students’ experiences. To that end, we meet students where they are—adapting the curriculum to their abilities and interests.


Math, language arts, history, and science comprise our core curriculum for all students. We teach in small classes that make it easier for our staff to meet individual needs. We work hard to support both students who need extra help, as well as students who show strong interests in greater challenges and will adapt our curriculum. 


All our classes are small enough to allow for a great deal of one-on-one support. Any class with over six students has at least two teachers. Our staff is dedicated to knowing each of the students well. Smaller class sizes enable teachers to customize the curriculum to best fit individual learning needs.

We also offer remediation and individual skill support for those who need it. Our Learning Center specialists are available to help students tackle challenging concepts, improve test-taking skills, and catch up after an absence.


Dearborn Academys High School curriculum is designed to ensure that all of our students receive a high-quality education aligned with the Massachusetts State Curriculum Frameworks. No matter what their learning challenges or gaps in their education, all our students will be prepared to pass the required state exams.

For Dearborn Academy course descriptions, please download the course catalog.