High School

Student looking beyond the horizon

Welcome to Dearborn Academy

At Dearborn Academy High School, we emphasize a relational approach in which every student is welcomed into a caring community that stresses the importance of respect, and of developing close caring relationships between staff and students. 

Our program serves up to 65 students in small classes of between eight and 10 students with a teacher and a teaching assistant. Our academic program is individualized and is structured to enable all students to learn, whether they are above grade level, struggle with ADD or executive functioning difficulties, or if reading is a problem. We provide specialized opportunities in our learning center to help students in reading, comprehension, writing or math, and in the classroom with carefully designed lessons and structural aids.

Our therapeutic program enables all students to work on their personal growth with licensed clinicians. And all of our students participate in our comprehensive hands-on programs in wood and metal working, jewelry and digital technologies studio.

We work closely with all students to pass the MCAS—99 percent do—and graduate with a high school diploma.