Dearborn Academy offers extensive high-quality clinical services to our students and their families.

Every student in the Elementary/Middle School meets individually with a Dearborn therapist at school every week for a private session. These sessions often involve the creation of 'affect management' plans designed to help students cope when stress threatens to overwhelm them. The plans suggest activities to use in classrooms or playing fields and include the use of journals, sketch books and creative arts... anything to give a young person a handle to help when things get tense. Individual sessions are often activity-based—for example, therapists and students might go for walks, work on a project or participate in games as they talk about sensitive issues. Counseling sessions give students a chance to talk with a highly-skilled child or adolescent psychotherapist about personal issues, peers, family life and fears.

Beyond individual sessions, our clinicians are involved within the very fabric of each school day, offering support to students at check-ins, during crises and in the normal run of the day. For students who need support with medications or other medical treatments, Dearborn works closely with a consulting psychiatrist.

In elementary classes, our group work is classroom based and focuses on creating a positive classroom environment. Clinicians lead activities designed to foster cooperation and trust, while working on social skills and resolving issues that may arise in the classroom setting.

Middle school groups provide basic information on adolescent issues like peer relationships, making good decisions, nutrition and health. The adolescent issues groups are for all of our middle school students. Frequently, we will also create groups based on emerging needs within the school and will often have gender-based groups to delve into specific areas of concern experienced by girls and boys.

We also provide quality family therapy on campus and, when desired, supplement that with group therapy for parents.

Few schools offer as wide a range of clinical services as Dearborn. Our clinical services include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy and parent counseling
  • Medication assessment and treatment
  • Case Management