A System of Built-In Supports

We know that academic success doesn’t come easily to everyone. That’s why, throughout our school, we have created a comprehensive system of supports. At the core of our support programs is a simple idea: support is more effective and students do better when they have the chance to develop one-on-one relationships with caring adults.

Many of our students have language-based or non-verbal learning disabilities, as well as difficulties with executive function, attention and focus. Many of our students come to us with low self-confidence and low frustration tolerance. Most have a history of school failure and anxiety. We pride ourselves on trying to understand what drives each of our students, and we use that information to adapt lessons and create plans of support to help each student achieve their goals. One-on-one, we work to improve each student's self-esteem. One-on-one we address their unique learning issues:

  • Every student in the Elementary/Middle School meets with a counselor at least once a week. Counselors develop therapeutic relationships with students and become advocates for their unique behavioral and academic needs. 
  • Those faced with especially challenging reading or writing difficulties work with an individual Learning Center reading teacher. These specialists do whatever is necessary get students on track so they can function effectively within their classroom settings. 
  • Students with significant language based learning and communications difficulties work individually with speech and language specialists.
  • Students needing additional support as a result of specific sensory-motor issues or executive functioning challenges work one-on-one with our occupational therapist 

There is constant interaction between the Learning Center specialists and classroom teachers to insure that lessons learned in individual sessions are generalized and expanded upon within the classroom setting.