Enrichment classes can be athletic or creative; they can teach useful life skills or just be plain fun. Changing content regularly generates enthusiasm among the students and takes advantage of diverse faculty skills and areas of interest. These classes supplement Dearborn's challenging academic schedule and play an important role in shaping a positive Dearborn experience.   
Classes are taught by shop staff, counselors, learning center staff, support staff, and milieu staff in addition to our teaching staff. They expand the educational and social experiences of students and provide them with more opportunities to make choices. Older elementary and middle school students have Enrichment classes that meet once a week for the first three quarters and twice a week for the fourth quarter. Typical choices within the Elementary/Middle School include:
  • cooking
  • strategy games
  • jobs (where students earn money)
  • arts and crafts
  • shop challenges
  • sports

Our goal is to encourage students to try new things and to develop the confidence to pursue them. Enrichment classes often enhance what students do in their other classes and provide for additional opportunities to work in small groups.