Community Traditions

Color Day and Relays

At the start of the school year, homeroom classes are assigned a color for the year.  On Color Day, the homerooms are asked to decorate their rooms in their classroom color. Administrative staff come around and judge the homerooms at lunchtime and certificate awards are given out the next day. In the afternoon the homerooms participate in Relay Races. The activities throughout the day encourage team workmanship and group building.


This event is held the Friday before Halloween. It is held in the afternoon in the gym and consists of several challenges, a fortune teller, face painting, a scary monster lab (put together by Dr. Scabs), refreshments, and lots of fantastic costumes. The challenges range from skeleton bowling to mystery coffin grabs to musical graves to Monster Says to limbo under the gigantic skeleton bone. Students can win points towards the school store, special lunches, and candy. There’s scary dance music and every once in a while the students and staff get together and do the Thriller Dance for everyone’s enjoyment. Students must meet certain behavioral requirements to attend this party. 

Thanksgiving Meal

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is a special day throughout Dearborn Academy.  Each homeroom is transformed into a formal dining area -tables are put together, draped with table clothes  and feature table settings and centerpieces. Staff and students then sit together to enjoy a formal  meal: turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, cranberry sauce, apple cider, and apple pie. Reflections of thanks are shared while enjoying the meal. 

Pancake Breakfast

A few times a year, Dearborn staff prepares a special pancake breakfast for the children, which is served buffet style. Students are able to decorate their pancakes with a multitude of toppings including: maple and chocolate syrup, strawberries, bananas, gummy candy, and whipped cream.  

Sports Days

Every year we give students and staff various opportunities to show off their home team spirit. On Red Sox Day, students are encouraged to wear their Red Sox apparel or dress in Red Sox colors. Students with the most spirit are rewarded with a variety of prizes ranging from hats to T-shirts to an actual baseball trophy. In January, staff and students are encouraged to dress in Patriots apparel and then enjoy an outdoor BBQ while listening to inspirational sports-themed music.

Secret Snowpal

Every December, right before the Winter Break, groups of staff members deliver gifts to all the students before they  have arrived at school.  Gifts include winter-themed stress balls, hot cocoa, challenge puzzles, bouncy balls, and pencils. The students have fun trying to figure out which group gave which gift, but the overall purpose of the activity is to promote a spirit of giving.

100th Day Celebration

On the although day of school students are invited to participate in the 100th Day challenges or create new unique challenges to add to the record books. These challenges include: how many sit-ups/push-ups/free throw shots you can do in a 100 seconds, how many times  you can write your name in 100 seconds, how many times you can jump rope in 100 seconds, etc.  

Field Day

This is an all-day outdoor event of fun and group competitive events at the end of every school year. The homerooms wear their color and then participate in a series of challenges as a team. These challenges include Shotput, Jump Rope, Basketball Shots, Football Throws, and the fan-favorite Obstacle Course (run through tires, over hurdles, around cones, etc.). Then there is a water balloon contest followed up by the famous Staff Pie-Eating Contest. Students get Field Day points for participation and doing well in each event.

Awards and Graduation

Our annual Awards Ceremony and Graduation is a special event for those at Dearborn Academy. We celebrate with an awards ceremony, honoring all the students' hard work and dedication over the year. 
After the Awards Ceremony, non-graduating students return to their homerooms for dismissal, while graduating students and their families socialize in the Conference Room while enjoying light refreshments.
At 1:00, everyone returns to the gym where the graduates make their processional entrance, and the Graduation Ceremony begins. There is a special speech to the graduates, a student speech or performance, a class gift presentation, and then the actual handing out of the graduation certificates. There is a recessional and then refreshments and cake complete a heart-warming event.