Physical Education

In addition to PE and recreational physical activities, Dearborn offers one-on-one occupational physical therapy for students who may need a little extra work developing gross and fine motor skills.

Mind and Body

Studies have shown that better school performance and increased self-esteem are directly tied to increased physical activity (John Ratey’s Spark). At Dearborn, we believe that physical activity is important to fostering academic success. From short, in-class exercise breaks to sports or a running club, we actively seek ways to increase our students' physical activity.

During the daily 25-minute recess, students are encouraged to go outside and use the playground or the field, weather permitting. Depending on the time of year, elementary and middle schoolers play kickball, touch football, softball, or basketball. We encourage students to take walks outside with staff as part of our behavioral support system. There’s also an early morning running club for those who are interested.

All students also have two 40-minute periods of physical education per week. During these classes, they learn some traditional team sports (such as basketball, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee) and participate in various non-competitive challenges. In addition to teaching basic skills, we strive to instill values of good sportsmanship and team cooperation in our students. We also offer individual sessions to students who need more adaptive PE work.