Core Academics

  • Dearborn Academy classroom
  • Dearborn Academy classroom
  • Dearborn Academy classroom

Building Blocks for Learning

Many of our students have struggled in various school environments. At Dearborn, we strive to equip them with the skills they need to make learning easier.  Dearborn Academy’s Elementary/Middle School curriculum is aligned with the Massachusetts State Curriculum Frameworks. Instruction in all classes is modified to suit our students’ diverse learning needs.


Our core academic program includes Language Arts and Math where small classes are grouped by skill level so teachers can maximize their focus on these critical building-block needs. Our Social Studies, Science and Writing classes are somewhat larger and more diverse. Two staff members work together to modify the way content is presented so each child is able to follow the lessons and participate in a meaningful way.             

Dearborn teachers collaborate closely with one another and with the Learning Center staff to ensure that teaching strategies are consistent. The Learning Center gives students extra support in a one-on-one or small group setting. Older students with significant reading weaknesses are often reluctant to work in larger groups. They usually find the Learning Center's more private setting easier to deal with.


There’s no single correct way to learn. That’s why we adapt the way we teach to our students’ abilities and interests. Adaptations include modified instructional language, thinking maps and graphic organizers, as well as hands-on activities and project-based learning. As often as possible, we try to relate material to real-life problems and to students’ life experiences.