"I feel lucky to have been a part of DearBorn AcademY and the lives of my students and to engage in This process with other caring professionals."  
—Former Elementary teacher, Tina Vlad.

Senior Leadership Team

Dearborn Academy's administrative team is responsible for the management and operations of the Elementary/Middle and High School programs. Meet our team.

Dearborn Academy Faculty and Staff

Dearborn Academy' s highly skilled staff possess the personal and professional qualities essential to the compassionate relational environment that defines the Dearborn community. All staff work at the highest level of professional commitment, are dedicated to their job responsibilities and to the success of our students, and work in close collaboration with their colleagues on behalf of all students.

Professional Advisory Council

Dearborn Academy benefits from the advice and perspective of a Professional Advisory Council, which includes leading researchers and clinicians who work with children. Read more about our members of this council.

Dearborn Academy Advisory Board

The Dearborn Academy Advisory Board is comprised of volunteers who offer their skills, experience and guidance to the administration of the school, help us raise funds, assist us in connecting with educators and community leaders, and advance Dearborn's mission. 

Schools for Children

Dearborn Academy is operated by Schools for Children, a nonprofit organization that creates and manages great schools and education programs. Learn more about Schools for Children.