WIsh List

In-Kind Donation Wish List

Thank you for your interest in our "wish list." If you'd like to help, have a question about an item on our list, or are wondering if an item is right for us, please email or call us. Your gifts are greatly appreciated!

Support for Programs

Jewelry Studio

We are always happy to recycle unwanted or broken pieces of jewelry, chains, beads, metals, stones, etc. and give them a new life. Thank you!

Art Studio

The Dearborn Art Studio welcomes donations of quality arts materials, such a drawing pencils, clay, paints, paper, etc. Thank you!


Gifts of plants, bulbs and gardening tools will help us strengthen our gardening and landscaping electives. Thank you!

Library Support

Would you like to donate a favorite book to our library? We would appreciate that! Please include a message that tells us why you chose the book.

Support for Students

Dearborn Academy students come from a wide range of backgrounds and family circumstances. If a student needs to escape from a dysfunctional or abusive home, if a family member falls ill or loses a job, if a divorce or custody battle paralyzes family finances, it becomes a challenge for even a resourceful teen just to get by.

As much as we can, we try to help students during those times when they may have little or no family support by making sure they have some necessary items. This may mean giving them a warm winter coat, a nice shirt for a job interview, a gift card so that they can buy a present for an estranged parent, or even school or personal supplies. A small gift can mean a big boost in self esteem. If you would like to donate to our student support program, or if your organization would like to collect donations for our support program, we would be grateful. You’d be making a student’s life a little easier!

Holiday Clothing Exchange

We accept clothing in new or items in excellent used condition. Winter coats and clothing, shoes and business attire are especially needed! Our collecting process begins in early November each year.

Student Supply Closet

Basics from school supplies to personal items make a big difference in times of need. Thank you!

Gift Cards

Your unwanted gift cards are always welcome here!

Tickets to Cultural And Sports Events

Your unused play, concert or IMAX tickets could open a new world to a Dearborn student. The same holds true for tickets to see our local professional and collegiate teams play. Please consider donating extra or unwanted tickets to the school.

Thank you!

In-kind gifts may provide donors with significant tax benefits. Please consult with your tax professional for more details.