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Dearborn AcademyMore than 99 percent of Dearborn Academy high school students pass the MCAS tests, Graduate and Go On to Careers or Higher Education.

Changing The Future

A recent study tells us that every time a student drops out of school in Massachusetts, the cost to our state is $275,000. But dollars don't tell the real story. When a student drops out of school, we lose his/her voice in our classrooms. We lose a perspective that is important for all of us to hear. We lose much of what they might become. We lose their promise.

Learning differences and trauma are key factors in the decision to drop out. Students who leave school have lost hope in the idea that education can create opportunities, that education has any value.

This is why Dearborn Academy and schools like ours are so critical to the future of so many young people. At Dearborn, we work to restore lost hope and to reverse years of frustration and failure. We tell our students when we first meet them that they have the potential to make a difference in our world—because they do. We give them back their hope.

Returning To Learning

Dearborn has worked with thousands of students from more than 40 different Massachusetts communities. Many of these students return to their local school districts where they graduate from their high schools. Others stay with us and graduate from Dearborn—each one with a comprehensive plan to ensure a successful transition to adult life. We are incredibly proud of their accomplishments.

Young people who are overcome by difficult struggles need our support. And we, in turn, need you to help us uphold our commitment to meeting the needs of children with special needs and learning differences.

As a Massachusetts approved program, Dearborn Academy's tuition rates, salaries, and expenses are set by the Operational Services Division of the Department of Administration and Finance. Any additional funds we raise directly enhance the quality of our programs and what we are able to provide for our students and their futures. Every dollar has an impact. 

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