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Rediscovering a Love of Learning


At Dearborn Academy, we re-engage students in learning and prepare them for college and career.

Dearborn students can get extra help through meeting one-on-one or in small groups with special educators, speech and language pathologists, or our occupational therapist in the Learning Center.

Students who require a multi-sensory, systematic reading program will be taught skills through the Wilson Reading System or the Wisnia Kapp Reading Program. Dearborn students also take Spanish, and unlike graduates from similar special education schools, do not need a foreign language waiver for college admission. And all of our students take the MCAS with accommodations.

Our elementary/middle school (grades 3-8) classrooms have between five and nine students, and there are eight to 12 students in our high school. A special educator and assistant teacher are in each and clinicians may also embedded in the classroom. 

Additional Unique Features

In addition to our core curriculum, Dearborn offers a number of specialized classes and programs designed to help our students enhance their academic, social and vocational skills. This includes music, gym, technology, art, and wood and metal shop instruction.

Additionally, we weave empirically-based and innovative therapies together with academic experiences to create a multidimensional support system for our students. For example, students at Dearborn have weekly individual therapy to learn coping skills and strategies to overcome life’s challenges. When not in sessions, our clinicians spend time in the milieu and classrooms teaching students how to apply the skills and strategies learned in counseling in their learning and social environments. 

We also have strong community partnerships with organizations like Community Rowing, Inc. and the Newton YMCA. And our students have fun with activities like high school prom, field trips, playing basketball as part of the Greater Boston Basketball League, and Halloween and tailgating parties.

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Rebecca Altepeter

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