Welcome to Dearborn Academy High School 

Dearborn is a very welcoming environment. We believe that you will feel this when you first walk into the building and also many years later when you return to check in, give us an update on your life, or get help with a job search, as many of our students do.

Our students have experienced challenges and frustrations of many kinds before they arrive at our door. Knowing this, it is our job to insure that the Dearborn experience is different. Students need hope and the confidence to believe that they can succeed. At Dearborn it is our goal to instill hope in our students.

In the High School we go about this in many ways. First and foremost, we place great emphasis on the development of positive and supportive relationships with our students. All of our staff understand the importance of relationship and are prepared to appreciate students for who they are and what they contribute to our community. We look for the "islands of strength" in each of our students and seek to recognize and build on these. Ultimately we endeavor to channel those strengths into pathways and careers that lead to satisfying and rewarding lives.

As a Dearborn student you will be respected and valued. You will be treated as an individual and encouraged to be open to new possibilities.

We look forward to meeting you.

Mark Dix
Director of the High School