Welcome to the Dearborn Academy Elementary/Middle School.

In our program, we serve students in grades 3 - 8 who have learning, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Here at Dearborn we created a warm, structured environment in which learning is geared to the individual needs of our students.

Over the years, we developed and honed our techniques for making sure students have the learning supports they need. Small class sizes and wonderful teachers make the classrooms places where students feel relaxed and safe even as they work on individual or group projects. The wide variety of creative instructional techniques used in the classrooms are supplemented by help from specialists in the Learning Center. In addition to an individualized curriculum modified according to each students' needs, all of our students receive individual counseling, gym, art and woodworking and computer shop.

Our staff is dedicated to the success of each student, and our goal is to create a trusting environment in which students can feel safe, take risks, find success in learning, and gain hope for their future.

We look forward to meeting you.


Carol Cole
Director of the Elementary/Middle School